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Oh the places we go!

The Pre-Primary building is home to our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms. Equipped with its own playground, as well as vegetable and sensory gardens, this joyful space is where our youngest learners begin their Friends School journey.

It’s a Plane… It’s a Bird!

Kindergarteners spend time outside near Stony Run Stream, identifying birds using the Peterson’s Guide books and calling them with its companion app. (The app accurately mimics the songs of the many species we see!) We love the use of the iPads in the natural world because it helps us in our data collection, which the children use to formulate fun facts for their writing. Bird watching is also an opportunity to practice their listening (shhh!) and attention skills. Tweet-tweet!

The Power of Play

The Pre-Primary playground is where Friends learn to be friends.

Making Friends with Upper School

Pre-Primary students love to attend school-wide assemblies with their Upper School buddies.

Let's Get Moving

It’s fun to take a break and dance with our friends.

A Balanced Schedule

Pre-Primary students have a remarkable schedule which provides them with the full Lower School experience and keeps them on the move. In addition to our classroom curricula, our students engage in Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, Science, and Library/Technology.

Pre-Primary at a glance

  • 8:1 student-teacher ratio
  • 8am–3pm academic day
  • Reading and Math instruction each day
  • Play is a critical part of each day
  • Before and after care available